She cares for me like no body does..

She is like a blanket that protects me from everything,from the outside world that is full of greedy people, fakers,heart breakers in short”evil people”.She promised me long before i was brought into this world by her that no matter what, she will always be by my side and will look after me and she never broke her promise.She loves me more than anything in this whole world.

Do you know what the best part is? The best part is that she loves me for who i am.She is always true towards me. There are days when we don’t get along with each other , we fight,we shout at each other sometimes but i guess it is a part of every relationship.Every relationship has its own ups and downs.And no matter how much we fight , she would always come after me to see if i am okay or not.

I have had so many friends in my life.They came and they went away but she never went anywhere.She has always been there for me through my hard times and good times since i was born.And i know she will always be there with me even if she won’t be physically present someday,i will keep her in my heart forever.

She is none other than my “Mother” and “she cares for me like nobody does“.


You Go “SOLO”

Hey you out there, reading my blog.I know you are  not completely fine even when you say  you are . No one is. Trust me when i say that.We all have those days where we are all by ourselves ,when we are feeling low and don’t have a single person to share our feelings.We all feel so alone at that time.

But its okay to be alone for sometime.I believe that by staying alone for sometime, you find the real you, you find your worth in this world,by staying alone. You sometimes start  to fall in love with yourself and its important to love yourself first,its important to make yourself feel happy because when you are truly happy then only you can make others  happy.

Even if you will find one person someday who would listen you,who would help you to fight with your demons, who would say no matter what he will always stay with you at your good and bad times, even to that person you can’t share each and every feeling of yours because there will come one day when that person has to move on with his life too.Also it is a human nature, everyone is busy fighting their own demons, they have their own problems.How can you expect them to solve  your problems when he is the one who is in  problem himself.At this particular time, you yourself are the one who will help you, you need to believe yourself, if a person wants to do something to change something , he/she can.Every person has a power to change anything,you just need to believe yourself and see your inner self .

Therefore, always remember in life, “You Go Solo”.

In hope to find “him” someday

What comes to your mind when you think of your life partner?He should be handsome than any other guy in the world , he should be rich or should be rich enough to be able to handle your expenses,he should keep loving you without even looking at another women.

But i don’t want anything this way.People would laugh at me when i will tell them about my dream man.And why they wouldn’t when i am the crazy one here? I truly want my man, my life partner to be loving, caring.I want him to respect my opinion,i want him to be true towards me.I seriously don’t care if he is not rich enough to handle my expenses because its not his job.I want him to understand me before my need to explain him.I want him to hold my hands and say

                                                          “Wherever you go,i’ll follow 

When you’re feeling down,i’ll be next to you

When you’re happy,i’ll be in front of you

But when you’re feeling sad,i’ll be right behind you

i’ll do my best to take care of you.

I Promise.

I want him to promise me so.Yes,I am crazy that i think this way because no one truly  exist  in that way.And maybe this is the reason that he only exist in my dreams and not in reality.But it is said that you should never loose hope because you never know what tomorrow will bring so here i am hoping that “I will find him someday”.


We all have something that we like a lot.It could be anything or anyone.It could be your old doll or toy car with which you used to play when you were three,could be your old geometry box , it could be any person ,your Teacher, a school friend,or some relative,etc.

Sometimes , our liking starts  becoming our favorite things.Like in my childhood days,i used to like the smell of wet mud but now i consider it as one of my favorite things.You might have experienced this situation at some point of your life.

Below is the list of my Favorite Things:

1.Smell of wet mud(as mentioned above)

2.Rain drops on leaf

3.Glittery things

4.Taylor Swift

5.Mrs Sarika Grover (was my physics teacher in school)

6.Dancing like  there is no tomorrow


8.Doing mimicry


10.Making people laugh

And the list goes on……

I Wish I Were A “BOY”

This is for every girl out there. Have you ever wondered how your life would be if u were a “boy”? I know , there are few girls who wish “they were a boy” and trust me its okay to wish for it. Well, i often wish the same thing.

Every one of us have our own reasons why we wish doing certain things.So what are your reasons to be a boy? Some of you wish for it because maybe you don’t like wasting time on thinking “what should i wear today?” , maybe you love to hangout with friends at late night, maybe you love to dress up like a boy, maybe you wish to flirt with anyone you like and don’t want some other person to judge you on sexism stereotypes, maybe you want to become a football player, maybe you love getting drunk with friends without caring about your safety or maybe you want to get rid of the pain during your periods and so on…. Isn’t it?

Well I wish some of them too but the reason I wish to be a boy  is that, I want to know, “Would society including my parents treat me the same way as they do now”?

We live in a world of stereotypes where people think I should act one way because of my Sex. They think i should cook more often rather than riding a bike because i am a “girl”.They say i should not hangout with my friends at late night because i am a “girl”.They say you should not get a tattoo because i am a “girl”.I mean why? Is that what being a girl means? You cannot do certain things you wish to just because you are a “girl”. They put so many restrictions on us.And why so? Just because you are a “Girl”,they think there are issues with the safety. They won’t teach their boys how to be a descent person, how to respect a woman but they would teach us “What kind of clothes we should wear, What kind of things we should do, How we should walk, How we should talk”….blah,blah,blah…..

And that is why sometimes  i wish  “I WERE A “BOY””.




Letter to “Father”…..



Dear Daddy,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I am so grateful to be blessed with you as my dad. Thank you for always looking after me.

Well , we don’t share that bond where i can just come to you and tell how much i love you and i know that  i won’t be able to gather so much of courage to stand in front and tell you that “Dad, i love you. I may find a prince someday but  you will always be my king“. I know you love me and care for me a lot but you will never say it because we are alike. Both of us feel shy to even confront our feelings. We have always been like this and we will always be but i think its okay. Isn’t it? I mean I don’t think if its always important to say i love you and confront your feelings to each other as when you really care about someone then the person automatically come to know about it without even you telling him/her.And this is what it is in our case.

I still remember the day when you were narrating us the story of your struggling days and i saw your eyes suddenly becoming glossy and from that day you became my inspiration. I want to be a person like you and will keep on trying. I admire everything you do.

Always remember  one thing Dad , that no matter where I go, whatever good  I do , I’ll always remain your little princess.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

Your Little Princess (Tanu)